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The 3-hour Virtual Customized Professional Learning Session with Brian

The 5-Sessions Virtual Every Student Deserves a Gifted Education Current Reality & Action Steps Assessment  (45 minutes per session)

The 4-hour  In-Person Customized Professional Learning Sessions with Brian

The 2 Day In-Person Every Student Deserves a Gifted Education 
Workshop with Brian
Current Reality & Action Steps Self Assessment

  • Brian's sessions focus on tapping into the unlimited potential within school communities, emphasizing collective knowledge, skills, and experiences.

  • Through evidence-based practices, Brian empowers educators as catalysts for student empowerment, fostering a belief in their ability to unlock unlimited potential.

  • Brian's passion lies in nurturing collaborative school cultures, coaching teacher teams, and fostering collaborations between principals and administrators for limitless success.

  • Rooted in the overarching philosophy of "The Answer's In The Room," Brian guides educators to realize their schools' unlimited potential and foster success from within.

  • Virtual Professional Learning on Zoom: Brian conducts Virtual Professional Learning Sessions, providing an interactive platform for educators to explore and unlock unlimited potential.

  •  Tailored to School Needs: Sessions are tailored to address specific school or team needs, ensuring a personalized and impactful learning experience and unlocking unlimited potential in education.

  • Ten complimentary copies of Brian's book, Every Student Deserves a Gifted Education, reinforcing the idea that every student possesses unlimited potential.

  • Discounted  site license for Brian's Online Self-Paced Book Study, allowing for a deep dive into the book's content at their own pace.

  • Brian can deliver keynotes, coaching, book studies, or professional learning experiences, providing a versatile approach to unlocking unlimited potential in education.

  • And of course, Brian will work with you to target your specific needs around his book "Every Student Deserves a Gifted Education.

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