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Only The “Good Kids” Should Be Safety Patrols!

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Only the “Good Kids” should be Safety Patrols! By Brian Butler, December 20, 2022

Whatcha talking bout Willice? Slow your roll! When people say things like he or she is one of the "good kids" I immediately ask them who is a "bad kid?" We consciously and unconsciously seem to label students as early as elementary school sending them on a destination to live up to or down to our expectations. In my career as an educator, and I will admit, I have at times been part of the problem, we adults sort and select students for special privileges based on certain perceived characteristics, academically as well as behaviorally. For example, we tend to select "the good kids" to be school safety patrols in elementary school because they seem to always do the right things and don't cause trouble. Over the years this practice has not set well with me, as I began to notice that the kids who are most left out especially in elementary school are boys, school dependent students, students whose first language is not English, and/or students whose parents are unable to for a variety of reasons advocate for them for this particular opportunity. How could I in good conscience say any school that I am a part of is for the success of every child if in certain areas I nod and wink at practices that totally go against my words and beliefs? If we want these children who traditionally don't get the opportunities to learn to be responsible, then we need to give them the same opportunities that the "good kids" have. We the adults (the teachers) need to teach and guide them to become responsible. Educators we can no longer look out the window and hope for better parents for some students. We know what to do! All means all and if you wanted to be a safety patrol in my former school all you had to do is complete an application and have it signed by your parents, and you were in. If you are one of those students who traditionally push outside the lines a bit and you didn’t turn in a permission slip, we were coming for you and asking why? You are a leader and definitely in our equation of All equaling All! By the way you too are a “good kid,” and we like your swagger! We are going to help you realize that swag makes you unique and special and help you to use it to enhance your influence in a positive way ! Brian Butler, Retired Principal/Author/Educational Consultant Brian Butler President-The Answer’s In The Room Educational Consulting, BKB, LLC Coauthor: “What About Us? The PLC at Work Process for Grades PreK-2 Teams” Website: To bulk order Brian’s book email him at

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